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Corporate Eyecare Vouchers

Corporate Eyecare Vouchers

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Saving you money on your Health and Safety needs

Using the Corporate Healthcare vouchers couldn’t be easier, for both Employers and Employees.

For Employers

Simply decide which vouchers are required to meet the needs of your business.

On receipt of payment your vouchers will be made available to you. You then allocate the vouchers to your employees, as required, and then leave the rest to us.

It really is the most simple, controllable and cost effective scheme available.

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What You Need to Know

As an employer, you will recognise that any business’s greatest asset is in its workforce. Safe, healthy and happy employees help any business thrive.

We can support you with basic eyecare advice can avoid some potential eyesight difficulties – for example, correct lighting, screen breaks and machine safety guards.

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If you need any further information, click on the "frequently asked questions" link at the bottom of the page.


Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations1991, which came into force on 1 January 1993, you are legally obliged to provide eyecare to certain parts of your workforce. These deal with the suitability of workstations, the daily routine of workers and the provision of eyecare for staff members.

For advice on your individual eyecare needs, contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our representatives.

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Cost of Vouchers

Corporate Safety Eyewear.

Safety Eyewear Vouchers cost £36.81 and provides:

•   One complete pair of safety glasses, fitted with Pentax CR39 single vision lenses

•   Two Safety Eyewear vouchers will cover bifocals or varifocal lenses

Simply register to benefit from our Safety Eyewear Vouchers.

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Corporate Eyecare Optical Care Voucher Scheme

Safeguarding your staff’s eyesight now can prevent problems later. These vouchers entitle everyone to an eye examination, not just those who are required to have them under current legislation.

Under current legislation, employees using VDUs should be provided with an eye examination, funded by their employer, when requested. If glasses are needed, specifically for VDU users, the employer is obliged to pay.

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Eye Centre (Heywood) Vouchers cost £17 each and provide:

•   A full eye examination

•   If needed solely for VDU use, a pair of glasses from the £45 range , fitted with standard PENTAX CR39 single vision lenses, plus a scratch resistant treatment

•   Or a £45 contribution towards other frame ranges.

Star Value Offer, which is built into every VDU Voucher, offers a further £20 contribution when glasses are selected from the £99 range or above, which gives a combined contribution of £37. Simply register to benefit from the VDU Eyecare Vouchers.

Health and Safety regulations oblige you to provide eye examinations and glasses to certain sections of your work force. However, these regulations are constantly changing, so it makes sense to go further than these basic obligations.

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