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Q.     Do employees need to book an eye examination?

A.     Yes this is recommended.


Q.     How quickly can an appointment be made?

A.     Your employee will be able to secure an appointment typically within that week, but often more quickly. We make a courtesy call and/or text the employee 24 hours before the appointment.


Q.     How will I know the type of lenses to give my employees that require safety glasses?

A.     Your organisation should conduct a risk assessment. The results should determine the level of protection that is required, including lenses for safety glasses.


Q.     When distributing safety eyewear Vouchers, will my employee be able to upgrade?

A.     Employees are not allowed to upgrade prescription safety glasses, as this would be over-delivering the requirements set out by your organisation. Furthermore, by doing so, could be potentially hazardous for the employee.


Q.     How do I pay for Vouchers?

A.     There are four payments methods: BACS, pro-forma invoice, cheque or credit card.


Q.     Can I pay in 30 days on receipt of a invoice?

A.     We can send you a pr-forma invoice but Vouchers must be paid in full before they are issued.


Q.     Is there a minimum number of Vouchers that I need to order?

A.     There is no minimum order of Vouchers.


Q.     How quickly will I get my Vouchers?

A.     On receipt of payment, your Vouchers will be made available.


Q.     What happens if Vouchers reach their expiry dates?

A.     Any unused Vouchers can be returned for a full refund or replacement, within 60 days after the expiry date.


Q.     What happens if I lose my Vouchers?

A.     We will issue a replacement.


Q.     What is the turnaround time for VDU glasses?

A.     For single vision VDU glasses it is typically 5 working days.


Q.     What is the turnaround time for prescription safety glasses?

A.     Single vision is typically seven working days and bifocal or varifocal, ten working days.


Q.     Is it OK to give an employee a contribution toward an eye examination and VDU glasses?

A.     Under current DSE legislation you are required to fund the full cost of the eye examination, plus basic frames and lenses when glasses are required solely and specifically for VDU use.


Q.     Should I be supplying bifocal and varifocal glasses to an employee that uses the computer?

A.     One of the most confusing areas of the DSE regulations concerns bifocals and varifocals. These lenses can be unsuitable for VDU work as it is not always possible to see the screen clearly without lowering or raising the head, which can lead to other associated problems such as neck pain. The basic requirement is then to provide single vision glasses suitable for viewing a screen at the appropriate distance.


Q.     What is the distance?

A.     The intermediate distance is typically 33-60cm.


Q.     How often should an employee have an eye examination?

A.     The usual retest cycle is every two years. However there may be occasions where more regular checks are required. This could be down to the individual’s family ocular history, e.g. glaucoma, or some other form of ocular disease. Therefore, based on clinical judgement, the optometrist will recommend retest dates as appropriate.


Q.     If a VDU operator requests an appointment before their next due date, do I have to fund this?

A.     Yes. Under current legislation, employees are entitled to request an eye examination at any time if they feel their eyes have been damaged or strained or if they have suffered headaches caused by their VDU work.


Q.     What guarantees do you offer on the glasses?

A.     12 month warranty on prescription safety glasses and a three month, no quibble, no fuss, policy on VDU and every day glasses.


Q.     What is the difference between Optical Care and VDU Eyecare?

A.     Both products deliver a full eye examination. In addition, Optical Care gives one complete pair of glasses from the £45 range if the employee requires corrective appliances, whereas VDU Eyecare will only deliver glasses from the £45 range when required solely and specifically for the VDU. VDU Eyecare is a legislative compliance product.

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